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FOX News
Feb 11, 2013 6:00am EST
. >>> the vatican says the pope is resigning on february 28. still no reason. >>gretchen: 4,000 cruise ship passengers stranded in the middle of the ocean after a fire breaks out aboard the boat killing the power. the cruise ship is in the gulf of mexico and running on a backup generator. carnival cruise line says the fire was put out right away and no one was hurt. a woman on board called her husband and told him what was going on. >> she was crying and said they had no power, they had no running water. they had no way to use the bathroom. >>gretchen: the ship will be towed to mexico. it is expected to arrive on wednesday. >>gretchen: a real-life tragedy for reality tv. a crash yesterday near los angeles. all three members aboard the aircraft were killed. the cause not known. >>> a storm generated in southern california after somebody said they spotted christopher dorner. -- a lowe's store was closed. the city announced a $1 million reward for information leading to dorner's capture. >> this is an act of domestic terrorism. this is a man who has targeted those that we entrust to protect th
Feb 24, 2013 7:00am EST
four hours.mahony tweeted heeissheaddng to the vatican next pope. 3 m-- hammer wws in the slammer! poliie n califfrria arrested thh entertainee on thhrsday night.they say he was interfering withhtheirrpooice duties and resisting an -3 offiier.nn word what led to bookkd and then released. pooice sayythereewere no drrgs or lcohol nnolved. 3 startinn - customers are payyng mooe for power and gas.... thanks to tte public servvce commission pwwo approved thh increases weekkthe bill for the typical electric uutomer will go up 3 dollarr andd33 ccnts per month... month.......nd for the average dollars and 70 centt a month. 3 if ou're traveling in baltimore city this morning you may notice a plume of smoke filling thh sky.b-g-e is & schhduled to demolish a 3&pthat hasn't been in use for more than a decade. the - pelvale ggs holder was made regional natural gas system. amber milllr joins us now live ffom the taging area at the baltimore polytechnic inssituteeparking lot. 3the tank is locattd near west cold spring land and the jjnes falls expre
FOX News
Feb 28, 2013 12:00pm PST
benedict xvi stepped down and for catholics around the world, there's no pope. the pope left the vatican for the last time as the holy father, to huge round of applause. the helicopter took the pope to his traditional summer home 15 minutes southeast of the vatican. that building dates to the 1600s, it's not a bad retirement home. historians say in the days of world war ii, then o'pious the xii idea it to shelter soldiers. ben did is set to return to rome later this year, but by then it's expected he will live alongside the new pope and benedict will take the new title, pope emeritus. today he tried to quiet any suspicions he might butt head with the next church's leader. the pope promised he would unconditionally obi the new hoe he -- holy father and he hopes the conditional of cardinals will operate, quote, like an orchestra, where diversity and expression of universal church always works toward a higher and harmonious agreement. >> shepard: an hour ago now the pope's resignation took effect officially. when the swiss guard closed the door and went off duty. benedict is the first pope
Feb 11, 2013 4:00am PST
the vatican. pope benedict xvi says he will resign at the end of the month. these are live pictures right now from the vatican. benedict is the first pontiff to step down in nearly 600 years. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is tracking this morning's developments. pretty shocking, cate. >> reporter: that's right, frank and michelle. the decision will mean the catholic church will be without a pope for a period of time until the cardinals can select a new successor. and vatican aides admit this decision took them by surprise. pope benedict spoke to a meeting of cardinals this morning and announced he is resigning his position as head of the catholic church effective at the end of the month. the 85-year-old leaders says he is too weak to continue. joseph ratzinger came pope when cardinals chose him to succeed pope john paul
Feb 11, 2013 3:00am PST
breaking news out of the vatican where it was announced moments ago that pope benedict xvi will resign, he will resign effective february 28 of this year. nbc's bureau chief located in rome joins us on the phone. what can you it tell us? >> reporter: good morning, matt. yes, it came as a shock, of course, for all of us and are for the billions of catholics around the world. i mean, i just got confirmation of that news from the senior adviser who said that he made that speech, the pope made the speech in latin this morning, during a relatively small event, for the cannonization in the reswrr region of the south. he said he just doesn't have the strength anymore. this came as a shock because the pope has a right to resign. nobody has before him he especiy that it comes off john paul ii a man who at 85 wasn't even able to walk and neither speak really, was mumbling towards the end of his life. and pope benedict saying i just don't have it anymore. i don't have the strength anymore to bear my mission to carry on the catholic church. >> claudio, is there concern or is there some speculation tha
Feb 11, 2013 3:00am PST
times we heard from the pope, his christmas blessing from at the vatican to the big pond there in saint peter's square. [speak >> this is where he came out and said merry christmas to everyone. we are all very nice christians and we welcome all of you except for gay people. you are all going to hell. >> bill: by the way, i am out of here. >> right. >> bill: the news broke just a few minutes ago, as we were getting ready to come on the air, the news broke from the bbc reported it first and vatican radio officially confirmed that the pope has decided, we don't nor for whatever reason, whether there are health reasons or he is damn sick and tired of the job. he has been pope since april, 2005. he is going to resign his position. the end of the month. and, you know, he succeeded john paul ii who has rushed to make a saint. wrongly so, i think. not that he doesn't deserve it. you need some time. also the pope has said this is not the first -- not the first pope to retire. popes can retire. we are used to popes dying in. right? and most of the
Feb 10, 2013 6:00pm PST
that -- >> from the vatican -- [laughter] >> nothing or pulse -- repulsive about the performance. it was in keeping with the kinds of performances you see among young singers -- >> yes, that is the point. >> i thought she danced very well, sang very well. >> she is a great performer, but it is so overt. >> coats up to her neck -- >> no, but there is a difference between petticoats of your neck and that kind of bumping -- >> did you turn off the tv? >> yeah, actually. >> oh, come on, if you turn it off -- [laughter] >> there is a great latin phrase -- no point arguing about matters of taste. i come down one evan's side. i felt the same way about madonna and lady gaga. what ever happened to it subtlety? i stipulate that beyonce is a talented and beautiful -- >> about bumps and grinds -- >> do you think subtlety is overrated, nina? [laughter] >> in the greater scheme of things, i thought this was hardly the most lewd and vulgar thing -- wait, wait, you argued a lot. there is way worse on television, whalers language and everything. it is not my personal thing, but it did not jump ou
Feb 8, 2013 8:30pm EST
-- >> abroad? the vatican? [laughter] there was nothing repulsive about that performance. it was keeping in what we see from young singers -- >> yes, that is the point. >> it does not bother me. she danced very well, she sang very well, she did not let it sink -- >> she is a great performer, but it is so overt. >> peggy coats up to her neck -- >> no, but there is a difference between petticoats' up to the neck -- >> oh, you watched every second. did you turn off the tv? >> yeah, actually. >> there is a great latin phrase -- there is no point arguing about matters of taste. i come down on evan's side. i felt the same way about madonna and lady gaga. what ever happened to us subtlety? this was bumps and grinds. i stipulate that beyonce is very talented and absolutely beautiful -- >> bumps and grinds -- >> great family event of america -- >> do you think subtlety is overrated, nina? >> well, in the great scheme of things, this was hardly the most vulgar and lewd -- wait, you have argued a lot. there is routinely on television way worse, wave worse language and everything. it is not my perso
FOX News
Feb 17, 2013 4:00pm PST
, the first time it's happened in more than 600 years. the vatican says the conclave or vatican process could be moved up sooner. a showdown over the confirmation over senator chuck hagel shall the man president obama has picked to be the next secretary of defense. tonight one high ranking republican says a vote to confirm him should be allowed to happen. and the republicans successful solved his nomination, over a slew of concerns including the position over israel and iran and questions about how the white house has handled the terror attacks on our u.s. consulate in libya have also become part of the debate over chuck hagel. and steve scentanni is live with us. >> some republicans are questioning the qualifications of chuck hagel at the pentagon, but probably be confirmed anyway, now, hagel was widely criticized during his performance during the confirmation hearing and they delayed the vote so they'd have more time to ask the questions about the nominee, they say there should be be no hurry. and it's an important position. and here is senator lindsey graham on fox news sunday. >> i think
Feb 14, 2013 10:00am PST
of the night, he actually cut his head, there was some blood in his hair, the vatican said. but the vatican spokesperson said today in a meeting with reporters said, look, don't read too much into that one incident. yesterday at the ash wednesday mass in st. peter's basilica is that this pope is suffering from the ravages of age, he was wheeled down the aisle and he had to be helped up to the altar. and? very humble man received a rock star like ovation. it was a prolonged standing ovation and when he exited the basilica, people got up out of their chairs as they tried to capture one last memento of this man's papacy. today he address a group of priests here in rome and he said at the beginning of the address, it's very clear he's comfortable with being a short timer now, he said look, because of my advanced age, i couldn't prepare a speech, but i'm just going to chat. he chatted for 45 minutes as to what will happen once he retires, he said he's going to spend his retirement hidden from the world. >> ann thompson, it's just been remarkable, you reporting on that mass yesterday, and the pic
Feb 11, 2013 12:00pm EST
on politics and all things vatican-related. e.j. deon and chris matthews, thank you as always. chris, tonight, of course, you'll have more on this topic. something teltz me he has a few more things to add. at 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on msnbc. lee accident i wanted to ask you this question. >> sure. >> and it is -- we are talking about the sort of modernization of the catholic church. it never even occurs to us to talk about the topic of the fact that there are no women in the upper echelons. there's no female leadership. >> no, there's not. a lot has to change for that to happen, but chris brought up the whole point. our world is changing, and this institution for thousands and thousands of years, you know, is going to have to figure out how to change it because one of the other crisis that the pope inherited, along with the sex abuse scandal, is simply the fact that we are becoming an increasingly secular society, and there are ways to kind of, you know, stop that from happening. not stop it from happening, but just embrace it or deal with it, and as chris was saying, kind of welcome maybe a
Feb 7, 2013 5:30pm PST
with other duties for the vatican. and last friday, he posted a defiant response to archbishop gomez on his personal blog. it read in part: in the meantime, some abuse victims say some files still have not been released, but the archdiocese says it will comply fully by the court-ordered deadline, february 22. we taka close lookt the douments and what they real about the church's handling of abuse claims with ray boucher, the lead attorney representing victims in the cases that lead to the files release. we asked the archdiocese of los angeles to join our conversation but they were not available. mr. boucher, now five and a half years or so since the settlement the documents are finally out. did they provide any missing pieces of the putz? did they tell you things you didn't already know? >> well, they certainly tell us inreat detail the horrific story of abuse and coverup that we long suspected and expected. they confirmed it but confirmed it in a depth that i don't think anybody could have ever understood or fully comprehended. >> suarez: when you say "confirmed it" does this directly link
Feb 22, 2013 1:00pm PST
'll have a live report on this story in the next hour. >>> and the vatican is retiring. the pope's twitter account when he steps down. the catholic leader has more than 12 million followers on twitter. >>> and the cdc says this year's flu vaccine, well, it didn't work for most people over 65 years old. for that age group, it was effective in just 9% of the cases. researchers say rates of hospitalization and death for the most common strain of the flu this year were some of the highest ever seen. doctors still aren't sure why. the vaccine did help half of those under 65, which is sort of curious that it helped some people but not all people. >> yeah, but it also -- even if you get the flu, if you have the vaccine, you've got a milder condition than if you don't have the vaccine, supposedly. >> one thing that they say is it's not an exact science. they try to predict what they think is going to be the predominant strains in the next season. so maybe they missed a couple. that's my best guess, is that they missed a couple of the more serious ones. >> all of the doctors recommend if you're ove
Feb 12, 2013 7:00am EST
this morning. if they do, c-span will cover it. more on the resignation of pope benedict xvi. the vatican is a bulging that the pope has had a pacemaker for years and its battery was replaced a few months ago in secret. the vatican spokesperson says pope benedict had a pacemaker installed a long time before he became pope in 2005. he called the latest medical procedure routine. it was the first on the vatican has mentioned a papal pacemaker. he is resigning effective february 28 because he says he is to confirm to handle the burdens. he is becoming the first pope to step down in six centuries. a vatican spokesperson says the pope will have no role in the selection of his successor. those are some of the latest headlines on cspan radio. >> i think we hold up brown as this amazing feat that we accomplished, that we rolled back segregation and then we look at what happened afterwards and we see how incredibly difficult it was, divisive in some ways, but you also have this incremental progress after that that was very frustrating to people. it is seen as a great victory but also, as a student
Feb 17, 2013 10:30am EST
>> schieffer: today on facethe nation, what a week it was. lightning struck the vatican. a meteorite struck the earth. and, oh, yeah, congress and the president left town. we'll talk about it with the president's new chief of staff, dennis mcdonough. then we'll hear from two political heavyweights, newark mayor cory booker, and former republican party chairman haley barbour. in the wake of the pope's resignation, we'll talk about what's ahead for the catholic church with cardinal donald wuerl of washington. we'll get the latest on that meteorite from jeffrey chewinger, senior science editor of "science magazine" the latest from david ignatius of the "washington post," tom ricks of "foreign policy," and state department correspondent margaret brennan. we'll round it up on the with amy walt ar aim amy walter, michael gerson, and our political director john dickerson. from out in space to here on earth, this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: and good morning, again, on a day whe
Feb 11, 2013 2:00pm PST
's a great saying among the folks in the vatican, after a fat pope, a thin pope, he is too much like benedict and he might look like benedict light. i'm trying to knock down all the front-runners because i think our best hope for a pope like john xxiii is -- a long -- >> i think a chubby pope would be -- i don't think governor christie is available for this particular line of work although he's a fellow religious. i want to get back to you, linda, i read your column all the time, and i think your values are a tad to my right, a tad or a half a tad. that's all right. i know you're smiling because it's true. let's talk about this. a lot of people who weren't catholic are wondering why we're talking about this. 1.2 billion people in the catholic church. it's a loud church to be heard from and it tends to be a bulwark of belief. it isn't a pr church. it does what it believes. the question is what it believes. does it have to be refined? the role of women is not the same as the role of women 2,000 years ago in any society. why can't women be priests? >> i would be the first to lead that parade. i'
FOX News
Feb 14, 2013 6:00am PST
can't sit here and blame others. martha: well the vatican has just come out and said that the pope actually, when he was on a trip to mexico last year hit his head. they're denying that that accident that we didn't know about before has played any role in the decision that he has made to step down but everyone will kind of take all the context around things that happened last few months and try to figure out what may have prompted this decision. he said he would resign. that happened a couple days ago. the vatican said for the first time that the pope has a pacemaker. batteries were recently replaced. that is fairly standard practice for people with pacemakers. really all of this leads to what will happen next month as the conclave will get together to elect a new pope. and that will happen in mid-march. bill: there is new backlash after comments made by defense secretary leon panetta slamming congress over these looming defense cuts. >> often times i feel like i don't have a full partnership with my former colleagues on the hill in trying to do what's right for this country. i don
FOX News
Feb 17, 2013 9:00am PST
's news headquarters live starts right now. we upon begin in vat vat city, 10s of thousands vatican city where 10s of thens went to see pope benedict xvi. he shocked the world by becoming the first pope in six centuries resigned. the pontiff asked them to pray for him and the next point all of this as cardinals are arriving in rome. there is it a commuter generated images of what happen conclave. they will elect one of the group to elect a leader by secret ballot. the archbishop said all talk of potential candidates end. >> when we go into the conclave all of that stops. it is silence inside of the conclave and the really focus is on the power of the holy spirit. i am looking to this as sort of a very, very super retreat. you just start to pray, and the only indication of how things are going is when they count the votes . >> with more on the ancient and unique process of picking the next leader of the roman catholic church, fox corsphondant loren green joins us from new york. >> very good. shannon. >> this is it a fascinating process. >> cardinal said something important. they will pray
Feb 14, 2013 6:00am PST
're welcome. >>> new information this morning about the pope. vatican officials are confirming pope benedict hit his head during a trip to mexico last march but deny the fall had anything to do with his health or recently announced resignation. >>> on this valentine's day, same-sex marriage could be a step closer to reality in illinois. the senate expected to pass a bill allowing same-sex marriage. the measure needs the aful proof the state house and the governor. if that happens, illinois would become the tenth state to legalize same-sex marriage. >>> it was the sip heard around the country, some groups are trying to capitalize on marco rubio's drink of water during his state of the union response. for a $25 donation, marco rubio's super pack is sending people a rubio water bottle. the quote "send those liberal detractors a message not only does marco rubio inspire you, he hydrates you, too." hmm. >>> then there's this facebook photo by the makers of the bottled water rubio drank, poland springs showing the famous bottle of water in front of a dressing room mirror after its cameo. it's a st
Search Results 0 to 40 of about 41 (some duplicates have been removed)